Protection/ Security dogs

(K9 Benny, Our most recent import.  We will deploy K9 Benny as a security dog with our courier partner. His job is to keep the driver safe when delivering goods in dangerous areas.  Benny is fully trained in off leash obedience & protection.)

Protection & Security dog options:

Imported K9’s – Fully trained for protection and/or security.

We source our imports from Tarheel Canine in the United States. All the dogs are from top European bloodlines. This makes them top class and about the best quality you will find anywhere.  They are fearless, always alert and ready to protect – the combat marines of the dog world.  Safety is the least of your concerns with one of these by your side.  The breeds used are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Local K9’s – Fully trained for protection and/or security.

We source dogs from only the best breeders in the country. The dogs undergo a strict selection testing process.  The pups will receive specialized training for over a year, until they are ready to got to their working homes.

(K9 Logan is a fully trained personal protection dog.  In this video he demonstrates the amount of pressure we expect our dogs to handle)

Young/Green dogs (imported & local)

These are young dogs of about 8 or 10 months old with basic training.  They are ideal for sport competitors that want to start with an older dog, or police departments who want the dog trained according their own curriculum.


We work with some of the top breeders in the country and are able source puppies from some of the finest bloodlines the country has to offer.  We personally perform selection testing of both parents as well as the puppies, thereby making sure our clients get the highest quality.  A dog is a 10 year plus investment, so make sure you buy the best you can afford!

Security dog

German Shepherd Security dog


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