Police dogs

Our police dogs are all imported from the United States, fully trained and ready for service:


The dogs available are

– Dual purpose explosives K9

– Dual purpose narcotics K9

– Tactical Patrol & Trailing K9

– Single purpose explosives K9 with Trailing

– Explosives K9 – Single purpose

– Single purpose narcotics K9 & trailing

– Narcotics K9 – Single purpose

– Single purpose narcotics/cell phone/tobacco & tracking K9

– Tracking K9 (hard & soft surface)

– Single purpose trailing K9

– Wilderness SAR K9

Police dogs

Police dogs

What makes a great dog:

“the most popular misconception seems to be that “high drive” is synonymous to “hyper”. That is simply not the case! To me, a high drive dog is not necessarily the most energetic one. It is a dog who can go from 0-100 the quickest. When you want the dog in drive, whether it be to play or work or just leave the house, he/she is immediately in drive and ready to go, go, go, and right NOW, at that. When not in use – there should be no way to tell how high drive your dog is, but when needed, it shows instantly and is unmistakable. Hyper dogs are a different story altogether, and a type I cannot tolerate in my own home.

There are lines that will have better showring conformation than the working line German Shepherds, and there are lines that will win more awards in the AKC showring, and so forth. There are lines who will have more reddish coats than the working line Shepherds, and there are dogs who will have more slant to their topline than most slides in children’s playgrounds do. But when it comes to tempermant, strong nerves, and courage – – when you take into consideration a dog’s clear head, sound mind, and stable character – – it is my belief (and in my mind – downright FACT), that very few breeds out there can compare to the working line German Shepherd.

Once a person has experienced a truly good German Shepherd from strong working lineage and good breeding, it is my opinion that you cannot go back to anything less.

I don’t choose friends who are weak and show cowardice, crumble under a little pressure or stress, or are completely unstable to keep me company. Most definitely, I do not want my dog to show those attributes either. When you play, you play hard. And when you fight, you fight to conquer. When you eat, you eat like it’s your last meal. When you run, you run like you can fly. A powerful and loyal friend to the end who you know beyond all doubt is standing by your side is my idea of the ideal companion, or in other words, a true “pet dog”. I don’t feel a dog becomes a working dog if it cannot be a pet, but on the contrary – a dog must have potential to be an outstanding companion FIRST in order to even begin to qualify as a great working dog.” – Grace Keh

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