Muzzle Fighting


Muzzle training is one way to make sure your dog will engage an attacker for real, and is not only chasing after equipment.

Effective muzzle training requires a skilled decoy that is able to act realistically and submit to the dog’s aggression.

The decoy, while on the ground after being hit by the dog, should encourage the dog to fight by pushing him away, using opposition reflex to get the dog to engage. At the same time the decoy can pinch the dog’s skin somewhat to increase aggression, all the while reacting to the dog’s aggression by submitting his body language and being vocal.

Keep these sessions short, +- 10 seconds.  The handler should pull the dog off the decoy at the peak of his aggression to create further frustration. A second muzzle fighting session can then ensue, or the decoy can flee.

Have a sleeve hidden nearby so the decoy can quickly grab it, as the handler removes the muzzle and sends the dog for a bite.

The goal is to keep these sessions short and intense.

Mix this technique with pure civil aggression sessions and bites on the hidden sleeve/suit.  Muzzle work, civil work and hidden equipment bites should be practiced with both active AND passive decoys to ensure the dog reacts to your commands and not only the agitation from the decoy.

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