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“I’ve been going to either IPO club training or PSA training since around 1990. Weekly, religiously, with only a few years completely off seriously training a competition dog after both my PSA 3 dogs died. Even then for the most part I went to club and helped others train and achieve titles, worked project dogs, coached, judged, taught seminars, and created a sport (all with a lot of help). When people tell me they are “burned out” after a few years I listen, I nod, and just know I laugh inside.

During my IPO days I was in a PHD program at a top 20 University in my field and suffering from a debilitating anxiety disorder.  I still taught at colleges in evenings I wasn’t at club. My training and dogs saved me. Then I grew my business over the next 20 years (since 1994 when it opened). I still worked my dogs, judged, taught, traveled all over the world for dogs, training, PSA and police dogs.

How bad do you want it?

Life taught me that the biggest component of success was just showing up and grinding away and understanding what commitment to a goal means. So many people want success but what they really want is it to be easy, seamless, and free of setbacks. Nobody will beat me on work ethic thanks to my mother and Grandfather.

How bad do you want it? How much does what you do that fills you up inside mean to you that you will still roll out of bed and do it when it’s hard? What do you want to look back on 25 years later? I’m still enjoying the journey, learning from my training partners, dogs, students, and giving to those who show they want it just as badly. Enjoy the training journey because it’s a lifestyle and a passion not an obligation. Whatever you do, do your passion and do it well. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.” – Jerry Bradshaw


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