Preparing your dog to protect and defend you and your family should you ever be under threat.  We focus on building the dog’s confidence and teaching him the necessary skills to effectively stop an attack. Protection training includes obedience training and the dog is required to perform a down, stay and loose leash walking or heeling, and is required to demonstrate calm and clear-headed behavior among a small crowd of people before training will commence.  We teach controlled aggression and therefore will not train a dog who shows instability and is overly aggressive to non threatening people.

Board & Train

The board & train is a service where I take the dog in to live with me for a certain period of time while in training for protection, security, obedience or behavior modification. This is the most effective option that delivers guaranteed results in a much shorter period of time than with home visits or group classes.

Private Training (at your home or at our facilities)

I can come to your house as often as is necessary to do a session with you and your dog, and guide you through the process, or we can arrange to meet a certain time at our training facilities.    This option requires much more effort, commitment and time from your side as you will need to put in daily sessions with your dog for the training to be effective.   It is however, more affordable and is therefore an option if you are willing to commit to learning and training.

Club Training

Club Training is held bi-weekly for those interested in PSA competition sports.  Club training requires you to be a member of the Protection Sports Association –  Although we welcome all breeds, please bear in mind the dog needs to have the right drive and temperament that is necessary for the work.  The typical breeds that excel at this are Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds.


All dogs will be assessed first so that the goals, desired results and the course of training to be taken can be agreed upon by both trainer and owner/handler, prior to the commencement of training.

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