Dog training

Our dog training services include protection, security, obedience and behavior modification.

(Protection dog training – K9 Syrah prevents a car theft)

Protection Dog Training

Train your dog to protect and defend you and your family should you ever be under threat.  We focus on building the dog’s confidence and teaching him the necessary skills to effectively stop an attack. Protection training includes obedience training.  The dog is required to perform a down, stay and loose leash walking or heeling.  The dog and owner must be able to demonstrate control among a small crowd of people before training will commence.  We teach controlled aggression, therefore we will not train a dog who shows instability and is overly aggressive.


Security Dog Training

This type of training is more specialized and advanced.  It is aimed at security companies or other businesses/corporations who work in dangerous areas with dangerous people on a daily basis.  The dogs are trained to protect & defend handler, chase & apprehend a fleeing suspect and do building or area searches if needed.  The training is customized to the handlers requirements and the scenarios the dogs will be operating in.

Sport or Competition Training

This involves preparing a dog for competitions sports in disciplines such as IPO, PSA or any other competition a person wants his or her dog titled or certified in.  This is a good option for breeders who wish to have working titles on a dog.  Working titles can increase the value of a litter.  Please note that we DO NOT train for the show ring, only working titles.

Dog training - protection sports

Sport dog training

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a must for anyone looking for a way to better communicate with their dogs and a way to manage them efficiently around the home or when out for a walk or visiting friends.  Stays,recalls and loose leash walking are only some of the skills we teach.  This can turn your dog from the tasmanian devil into and absolute dream to live and spend time with.  Obedience skills include sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, place, off as well as control when feeding and exiting house/yard/car.  We can also teach poison proofing, off leash obedience and other advanced skills.

Behavior Modification

This option is for those with problem dogs.  If your dog has a certain behavior that needs fixing or modifying, this is the option for you.  Our methods include channeling, systematic desensitization, teaching mutually exclusive behaviors and obedience training.  We use both positive and negative consequences.  Problem behaviors may include dog or people aggression, fearfulness, separation anxiety, introducing new dogs, introducing dogs to babies, etc.  Training programs will be customized according to every individual dog, his environment and the circumstances.


We offer the above in a board & train, home visit and group training setup.

Board & Train

With the board & train option I take the dog in to live with me for a certain period of time, while training him for protection, security, obedience or behavioral adjustments.   This is the most effective option, as it delivers great results in a very short space of time.

Private Training

I can come to your house as often as is necessary to do a session with you and your dog.  Alternatively you can come to our training facilities.    This option requires much more effort, commitment and time from your side. You will need to put in daily sessions with your dog for the training to be effective.   It is however, more affordable and is therefore an option if you are willing to commit to learning and training.

Group Training

Learn how to effectively communicate with, and handle your dog.  We allow up to 5 dogs for group training as to maintain some form of individual attention.  Behavior modification is NOT available in a group training setup as these require individual attention.

Club Training

As a club our common goal is to train for and compete in obedience and protection trials. PSA is an American dog sport and offers the platform for civilian competition in the disciplines of obedience and protection.  It demonstrates controlled aggression unlike any other sport, setting standards and raising the bar for dog training world wide.  Although we welcome all breeds, bear in mind the sport requires a dog with strong temperament and drives.  The typical breeds that excel are Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds.


We will assess every dog prior to the commencement of training.  The owner and trainer must both agree on the goals, desired results and the course of training.

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