Jerry Bradshaw

CEO & Training Director, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. www.tarheelcanine.com

Executive Director, International Regions Director, Director of Judges, The Protection Sports Association (PSA) www.psak9.org

In April of 2014 I traveled to South Africa to deliver seminars to South African dog trainers in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. It was in Cape Town that I had the pleasure to meet Aliana Myburgh, after some time corresponding by email. She was beginning training with her dog Logan, a German Shepherd Dog, in obedience and personal protection, and during the seminar, as we discussed and demonstrated training techniques, I could see that the level of interest and passion for dog training was more than a hobby for her. After that initial meeting we kept in contact during the ensuing year, talking about training, planning new endeavors, and discussing how to bring PSA to South Africa. During my annual trips to South Africa to teach training seminars, we continued to train together. Her drive and enthusiasm is what ultimately began to bring the sport of PSA to South Africa.  Aliana became a dedicated member of the PSA organization and she founded the first PSA club in Africa. Other sport enthusiasts followed her lead. Her passion has led her to become more and more involved in training dogs to the point where it has now become her career focus.

Aliana has achieved, with little outside help save for some guidance from afar, titles on two dogs in the first ever PSA Trials in Lydenburg in April of 2017. She achieved both the PDC and PSA 1 title on Logan, as well as a PDC title on the malinois Storm. This is no small feat when you have experienced training partners to train with week to week. She did it all on her own. In December of 2016 she flew to India to attend the PSA Decoy Certification held in Delhi and passed for the basic certification. She was used in the trial as an official decoy for the first ever working dog trial in India. She is one of the best female decoys in our entire sport. Currently there are only 3 women certified to work trials in PSA in the world. In the last 3 years I can say without reservation there is no one more focused, no one more driven to be the best at what she does, than Aliana. She is constantly learning, taking every opportunity to improve her skills as a trainer, handler and decoy to not only achieve her own goals, but to teach others to become handlers, trainers and decoys. Her club mates Wesley and Ryan both made full advanced certifications at the PSA Decoy Certification in April. They are her students and she taught them well.

Aliana is kind, warm, funny and engaging. She cares deeply for the animals in her care, and her passion and drive will make her a success as a professional dog trainer. Of that I have no doubt. She is very skilled not only at training but at problem solving, and teaching others to handle their dogs properly, and apply the training successfully. Whether you are looking for someone talented and professional to train a personal protection dog or just a pet with whom you wish to improve your relationship, I recommend Aliana without reservation. Aliana has taken and passed the Obedience and Protection Training Distance Learning Course, Through Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. School for Dog Trainers, but more than that has then proven her knowledge by titling her dogs. Over these last 3 years I have met very few people who so impressed me with their singular dedication to their goals, no matter the obstacles. Aliana is that person. I couldn’t be more proud of a student than I am of her. I value our professional association but more I value our friendship because of the wonderful person she is. I look forward to expanding the association between our dog training companies into markets in Africa in the areas of protection, detection, police K9 training, and sport training. I expect her to continue to reach ever higher achievements in the dog sport of PSA, and excel at being a professional dog trainer.

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