At Cape K9 our mission is to supply trained dogs of superior genetic quality as well as advanced training in protection, obedience and behavior modification to dog owners and particularly those in high crime areas and in need of additional security, within South Africa, the African continent and abroad where the demand for quality security dogs is rapidly increasing.


About Cape K9

Cape K9 was born because I love what I do more than anything.  Words by Jeff Schettler explains this well:

“A flood of feeling can be attributed to this word though it often equated more with romance than an occupation. Still, many pine for the possibility of passion in their work though few seem to discover it. I have often pondered why that could be when my life has been consumed by what I can only refer to as passion. There simply can be no other word to describe this feeling.

Passion is belief in such a way that nothing stands before it. Nothing can get in the way of it because it is all consuming. Much like life’s breath, is passion. Without air one cannot breathe and without the breath of life one cannot live; ‘tis much the same with one’s calling. There is no choice but to follow.

Passion is not given nor is it ensured. It is fraught with loss and tragedy because when one truly follows passion then sacrifice becomes common place. Sacrifice of family, sacrifice of friends, sacrifice of things that perhaps may have made life an easier road to travel. Passion or belief is not simply having. It is a journey without end and, perhaps, without fulfillment. When passion is followed, happiness is not necessarily the reward. Passion is the pursuit, never the capture.”



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